Buying Guide: Diamonds

" I Fabbricanti D'oro "

These are the real factors that contribute to formulating the right price of a diamond.

A) Purity: It substantially affects the value of the stone and goes from: IF (Pure), VVs1, VVs2, Vs1, Vs2, Si1, Si2

Orient yourself towards purchasing the purest stones possible.

B) The color: the color goes from: D- E-F-G-H-I-J-K  you should be oriented towards the high D-E-F as a  lower color stone is not very commercial and would not be a smart investment.

C)Diamonds must be Conflict Free, and be  ethically mined and sold, meaning with no connection to terror or opposition groups. All of Ours are Conflict Free Diamonds

D)Cut: Cut does not refer to shape (pear, oval), but the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond. The cut of a diamond greatly affects a diamond's brilliance; this means if it is cut poorly, it will be less luminous. Our Gems are guaranteed to be minimum: Very Good, Very Good, Very Good Proportion. 

E)Fluorescence: Fluorescence refers to a diamond's tendency to emit a soft colored glow when subjected to ultraviolet light (such as a "black light"). Roughly 30% of diamonds fluoresce to some degree. Colorless (D-F) fluorescent diamonds sell at up to a 15% discount since the fluorescence is perceived as a defect. Be wise and ask for fluorescence before buying a diamond. Our Diamonds Fluorescence is None

C) Last factor of fundamental importance is the diamond certification; the internationally recognized certifications that determine the true characteristics of the diamond are: G.i.a- H.r.d. - I.g.i. With these indications we want to inform you that the difference of a degree of color and a degree of purity can make the stone up to 50% less. Example: Color F, Purity VVs1 Value 1000.00 Euro; Color G, Purity Si1 Value 600.00 Euro.

P.S. All our diamonds are certified i.g.i. or g.i.a. with a minimum of Color F, Purity VVs1